Preparation for the future

It is estimated that by the year 2050, close to 80% of the world’s population will live in urban areas and the total population of the world will increase by 3 billion people. A very large amount of land may be required depending on the change in yield per hectare. Scientists are concerned that this large amount of required farmland will not be available and that severe damage to the earth will be caused by the added farmland. Indoor farms, if designed properly, may eliminate the need to create additional farmland and help create a cleaner environment.

Protection from weather-related problems

Crops grown in traditional outdoor farming suffer from the often suboptimal, and sometimes extreme, nature of geological and meteorological events such as undesirable temperatures or rainfall amounts, hailstorms, tornadoes, flooding, wildfires, and severe droughts. Because indoor plant farming provides a controlled environment, the productivity of such farms would be mostly independent of weather and protected from extreme weather events.

Increased crop production

Unlike traditional farming in non-tropical areas, indoor farming can produce crops year-round. All-season farming multiplies the productivity of the farmed surface by a factor of 4 to 6 depending on the crop. With some crops, such as strawberries, the factor may be as high as 30.

Impact on human health

Traditional farming is a hazardous occupation with particular risks that often take their toll on the health of human laborers. Such risks include: exposure to infectious diseases such as malaria and schistosomes, exposure to toxic chemicals commonly used as pesticides and fungicides and more. Whereas the traditional farming environment inevitably contains these risks, indoor farming – because the environment is strictly controlled and predictable – reduces some of these dangers.

Organic crops

The controlled growing environment reduces the need for pesticides, namely herbicides and fungicides. Advocates claim that producing organic crops in indoor farms is practical and the most likely production in the future.

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Why indoor farming?

Why indoor farming?
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